AEAF Awards 2016 Winners

The AEAF Awards went off with a bang on 17 August. The Finalists and Winners Showreel was looking better than ever, the house was full and everyone enjoyed the party.

AEAF 2016 Rotor studios1

Rotor Studios earned three awards - in Web Viral, Education & Infographics and Commercials VFX.

The AEAF Awards went off with a bang last night, 17 August. The Finalists and Winners Showreel was looking better than ever, the house was full and everyone enjoyed the party, held at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington. Even better, many attendees went home with awards in hand.

As well as many of the starring teams who entered projects, several of the speakers from the past two days’ Speaker Sessions were at the Chauvel with their colleagues. It was a great opportunity for VFX artists and animators, directors and producers from all over Australia - plus some overseas guests - to meet each other at a very friendly event.

Winners are listed below. Watch this space for further news of the AEAF Awards.

Feature Film VFX

AEAF 2016 Glenn Melenhorst Ineke Majoor Iloura  AEAF 2016 Dennis Jones Ian Cope RSP

Left photo - Glenn Melenhorst and Ineke Majoor received the TV Series Gold Award for Iloura.
Right photo - Dennis Jones (also an AEAF Speaker) and Ian Cope from RSP took home awards for Feature Film Gold and TVSeries Silver.

GOLD  X-Men: Apocalype - Quicksilver Extraction - RSP
SILVER Terminator: Genysis - MPC
BRONZE  The Martian - Framestore
BRONZE  The Martian - MPC
Special Distinction  The BFG - Weta Digital
Special Distinction  Independence Day: Resurgence - Weta Digital

AEAF 2016 Matt Aitken WETA

Above, Matt Aitken (another AEAF Speaker) collected two Feature Film Special Distinction Awards for Weta Digital.

AEAF 2016 Hackett films  AEAF 2016 Mirari

Left - Hackett Films won an Idents & Stings award, right - Mirari& Co earned Idents & Stings and Event Openers awards.

Idents & Stings
GOLD  HBO 2015 Christmas - Mirari& Co
SILVER  Rise Fox Sports World Cup Netball - DD8
BRONZE  Disney XD - Hackett Films

Education & Infographics
GOLD  Fast Train - Media Farm & Big Cookie Studios
SILVER  Deakin - Jumbla
BRONZE  SGCH Morgan’s Story – The Magnificent Itch

Web Viral
GOLD  Prius Global Launch - Rotor Studios
SILVER  Ares - Our Greatest Adventure - Juice Sp zoo
BRONZE  Yellow - Jumbla

AEAF 2016 Jumbla  AEAF 2016 Emily Haridge VisualPlayground

Left - Laura Breaden from Jumbla with Web Viral and Education & Infographics awards, Right - Emily Harridge, founder of Visual Playground with Titles TV and Event Openers awards.

Music Video
GOLD  Never Be Like You - Flume - Collider
SILVER  Come Alive - The Jezabels - Oh Yeah Wow
BRONZE  To My Surprise - James - Kris Merc & Not To Scale

GOLD  Citipati - Andreas Feix
SILVER  Entre les lignes - Artfx
BRONZE  Jagon VFX Breakdown - Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg
Special Merit  Robosome - Ling Siu
Special Merit  Second Self - Ralph Stevenson
Special Merit  Creative Currency - Jelena Sinik

AEAF 2016 Student

Ralph Stevenson, Ling Siu and Jelena Sinik earned Special Merit in the Student category.

Game Cinematics
GOLD  League of Legends - Ekko: Seconds
SILVER  Injustice 2 - Plastic Wax
BRONZE  LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Plastic Wax

Titles TV
GOLD  Bottersnikes & Gumbles – Mighty Nice
SILVER  F1 Title Sequence - Framestore
BRONZE  Foxtel Stage & Screen - New Holland Creative

AEAF 2016 Katie MAckin Passion Pictures  AEAF 2016 Eyecandy animation

Left - Passion Pictures took home two Commercials Animation Awards and one for Game Cinematics. Right - Rachael Johnson and Damian Stocks from Eyecandy earned Titles TV Series and Commercials Animation award.

Titles TV Series
GOLD  Deadline Gallipoli - Cutting Edge
SILVER  Changed Forever - Eyecandy Animation
BRONZE  The Divorce - Visual Playground

Titles Feature Film
GOLD  Spectre - Framestore
SILVER  Ant-Man - Sarofsy

Event Openers
GOLD  Glory of Heroes - Mirari& Co
SILVER  AEAF 2015 Awards
BRONZE  Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival

AEAF 2016 Plastic Wax

The Plastic Wax family - double winners in the Game Cinematics category.

GOLD  Songlines - The Pulse
SILVER  Toyota Showroom 360 - Rotor Studios
BRONZE  Telstra 360 - For the Fans - The Pulse
BRONZE  eBay Virtual Reality Department Store - Red Cartel

Short Film
GOLD  Sundays - Post Panic Pictures
SILVER  Seed - Aixsponza
BRONZE  Full ANL - Aardman Nathan Love

AEAF 2016 OLivia Haneken Collider  AEAF 2016 Darcy Pendergast OhYeahWow

Music Videos category winners include left, Collider, represented by Olivia Hantken, and Darcy Prendergast of Oh Yeah Wow.

Live Event VFX
GOLD  Songlines VIVID - Artists in Motion
SILVER  Customs House Projection VIVID - Spinifex Group
BRONZE  Synthesis - Royal Botanic Gardens - Ample Projects

TV Series
GOLD  Game of Thrones - Battle of the Bastards - Iloura
SILVER  Game of Thrones - Wildfire - RSP
BRONZE  The Shannara Chronicles - Pixomondo
Special Merit  War and Peace - BlueBolt
Special Merit  The Frankenstein Chronicles - Screen Scene

AEAF 2016 MagnificentItch 

The Magnificent Itch took home an Education & Inforgraphics award and a Commercials Animation award.

Commercials VFX
GOLD  Hovis - Stuck - MPC
SILVER  Honda - Square - Alt.vfx
BRONZE  Panadol - Life With No Pain - Method Studios

Special Merit  Lexus Breakwall - Rotor Studios
Special Merit  Xbox Quantum Break - Alt.vfx
Special Merit  Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Seize Glory - MPC
Special Merit  Sky Arts - Rebrand Idents - MPC
Special Merit  McLaren - A Black Swan - MPC

Commercials Animation
GOLD  Loteria Night Shift - Passion Pictures
GOLD  Sainsbury's Mog's Christmas Calamity – Framestore
SILVER  British Gas - Explore - Psyop
BRONZE  OTTO - The Letter - Psyop

Special Merit  Questacon Spiders - Eyecandy Animation
Special Merit  Chartered Accountants ANZ Cake - Sixty40
Special Merit  AirBnB A Different Paris - The Magnificent Itch
Special Merit  Almond Breeze: Better Than Milk - Mighty Nice
Special Merit  Chipotle - A Love Story - Passion Pictures

Plans for the Awards in 2017 include specialisation in some categories, such as TV series, driven by the entries themselves. Children's TV content, for example, is expanding rapidly, and separate categories for VFX-driven shows and those with invisible effects would highlight the skills needed for each type. Expect similar improvements to the AEAF Awards in the coming months, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Entries are open now for AEAF Awards 2017.