Short Film

Fight Your Rival | A Street Fighter Tribute

Jeremy Mansford

A fan film tribute created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter and the announcement of Street Fighter 6.Detailed information behind the piece, including themes & inspirations, can found on Everyone has their demons. Ryu also has literal demons! For me he is a symbol of determination, of pushing through, conquering enemies both internal and external.The concept of SF characters having rivals and specifically “Fight Your Rival” was always fun, and so I thought this was an interesting spin on this.

Whether it's in the game, in life, or Ryu’s story, we can be our own most intense rival.Not many of us need to deal with the Satsu no Hado, but common internal demons for me can be self doubt, imposter syndrome, holding myself back. Several times throughout making this, I wanted to give up or thought it wasn’t worth finishing. That this project and myself, were not good enough.The idea of “the fight within” is visualised throughout the film with the constant transition technique of having scenes zoom within each other. Each action becomes a portal to the next.


Directed, Designed, Animated, Music composed by Jeremy MansfordNarration by Vo WilliamsScript Written by Ryu [win quotes from the game series]Audio Mixed & Mastered by White Owl Sound