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Light key future key of the maze - Quanlian 25



PX mart, which has been established for 25 years, specially responds to the "2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei", and joins hands with the Taiwan team FREES, a technology exhibition art curator, and the internationally renowned Turkey OUCHHH creative new media team, to jointly create LED digital maze lighting works.

"光鑰未來key of the maze_全聯25" is a labyrinth light and shadow work, providing two ways of experience for observers and participants. Observers can enjoy the whole picture of the maze from the periphery and observe what people are doing in each area; at the same time, they can also use photos and videos to record and share everything they see. Participants can enter the maze to actually experience the fun between coincidence and fate, and even enter the center of the maze to find a hidden exit and enter a new horizon that extends infinitely.

Among them, the 4-story (12-meter) LED digital light tower not only leads visitors into a brand new visual world, but also uses more than 1,200 pieces of LEDs in the whole area to present light and shadow art works in the form of a fixed maze. AI animation light and shadow are linked to 5G big data, so it keep changing, and visitors can find their own exit in the ever-changing maze of light and shadow, and experience the contradiction between free will and real destiny. In the center of the maze, the 4-story high digital light tower, which is the key in the maze, and the exhibition‘s name born from this idea, like a hidden entrance, It symbolizes that people must find their own outlet in the ever-changing future; in addition, with the beam of light projected to the sky from above, they enter a brand new visual world through viewing and participation.


主辦單位Produced by 全聯福利中心PX Mart .CHUAN LIAN Enterprise Co., Ltd. 策展團隊Curatorial team FREES 策展人Curator 馮建彰FENG CHIEN CHANG 製作統籌Production coordinator 紀旻均Ji Min Jun 場域空間設計Space designer 黃羿偉Huang_yiwei,蕭凱齊Hsiao Kai Chi,廖祺惠Liao,Chi Huei 技術展演規劃Technical director 夢想創造Moonshine Animation 共振頻率VR STUDIO CO., LTD 視覺藝術製作Digital art Ouchhh 夢想創造Moonshine Animation 共振頻率VR STUDIO CO., LTD FREES 林洵宇Lin Hsun Yu 燈光設計 Lighting 鹿米工作室 LUMI Light Studio FREES DESIGN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Yes