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Corporate Video

Abey - Creating Possibilities

Cadre Pictures


Abey wanted to make a splash in their latest brand campaign 'Creating Possibilities', and we were excited to dive straight in. We were tasked with creating motion reels that showcased the beautifully designed fixtures and finishes of Abey’s premium products.The films are a slow, dramatic reveal to the products as they fall, colliding into a vivid liquid.We spent a lot of time in look dev exploring colour combinations of products, backgrounds and liquid. A big part of the RnD phase was deciding whether to go down a fluid sim route, or to morph a sculpted splash.

Ultimately we decided to avoid the sim approach as we wanted to meticulously sculpt each tendril in the splash crown to aesthetic perfection.We then used tyflow for the secondary droplets for added detail that helped aid the drama. Lighting also played a predominant role, particularly in light sweeps to highlight design features.


Client: Abey Australia
Agency: HM. Agency
Production Company: Visible Studios
CGI by Cadre Pictures
Producer: Annie Thiele
Creative Director: Patrick Da Cunha
Surfacing & Lighting Lead: Alan DoSur
facing & Lighting: Ryan Elliot
Technical Director: Ben Bryan
Modelling: Eoin Cannon
Animator: Brian Doecke
3D Generalist: Nathan Juno
Animation: Chris Frey