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Renault – Horses

The Mill


With its new slogan "Goodbye Horsepower, Welcome Electric Power", Renault highlights the evolution of clean transport by drawing a parallel between horse riding and its new electric vehicle. Like the oldest form of transportation, the 100% electric Mégane emits zero CO2 and does not create a noise disturbance. In this film, the viewer is invited into an imaginary city without any vehicles, traffic lights or signs. Only riders and their horses occupy the roads of Buenos Aires until the new Megane vehicle appears.To bring this retro yet modern world to life, our talents sublimated the sets by creating several elements in matte painting, from desert landscapes, to rocky mountains, to horse graffiti. They also worked a lot on the concepts and the matte painting of the sets, especially for 9 shots shot on a green background. Our artists sublimated the entire film by harmonizing all the shots in the Flame.


Post Production : The Mill ParisExecutive Producer : Claire Garraud VFX Producer : Nicolas Huguet VFX Supervisor : Stéphane Pivron CG Supervisor : Mathias Barday Shoot : Stéphane Pivron Grading : Arthur Paux Concept : Nathan Lucas, Fabien Barrau Matte Painting : Nathan Lucas, Fabien Barrau Generalist : Mathias Barday Compositing : Sébastien Podsialo, Eric Lemains Flame : Stéphane Pivron

Production : Division Producer : Hélène Daubert Photography director : Matias BoucardAgence : Publicis Conseil Creative director : Marcelo Vergara Copywriter : Antoine Giraud Art Director : Thomas Roques Tv prod : Nelly Cohen