Commercials - Animation

Orange - De la magie et beaucoup de reconditionné (Magic is a lot of refurbishing)

The Mill


Orange unveils its end of year campaign with refurbishing as the key word, for a Christmas that is as magical as it is responsible. As a father and daughter ask about phones, the saleswoman tells them that Father Christmas takes care of reconditioned phones in his workshop. With stars in our eyes, we are invited into the young girl’s imagination where the elves are busy repairing the phones. The workshop works like a real factory, because Father Christmas receives many requests!


VFX Studio : The Mill Paris
Executive producer : Cécile Hubin
VFX producer: Marie-Cécile Juglair
VFX coordinator: Mathilde Selmon-Cohen, Ewan Rosenstrauch
VFX supervisor : Sébastien Aubert
CG supervisor: Mathias Barday
Matte Painting : Alain Descamps
Animation : Tytouan Botte
FX : Félix Guglielmi
Lighting : Tytouan Botte , Lucas Vielet, Rémy Meillat
Compositing : Randy Gudin, Rémy Meillat
Flame : Valentin Gingembre, Sébastien Aubert
Nuke : Jake Wong, Jean-Martin Mossu
Motion : Maxime Orsini, Luc-Olivier Plessel, Alexandre Tarquini
Colourist : Matthieu Toullet
Planning : Sophie Mailho, Annabel Akerboom, Isabelle Renaud
Dailies : Loïc Lavaux
Editor assistants : Naomie Dumas, Maïté Tamain, Justine Chambert, Pauline Royo

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Production : Division
Editor : Benjamin Weill
Director : Martin Kalina