Commercials - Animation

Louis Vuitton

The Mill


Continuing an ongoing voyage across the globe, Louis Vuitton travels to the mountains outside Pucón, Chile in an in celebration of the Maison’s core values and in an ode to the inner child. Set against breathtaking wintry landscapes, a group of children are captured on a boundless quest of the imagination, through a reverie of otherworldly beauty and infinite possibility.


VFX Studio : The Mill Paris

Executive Producer: Cécile Hubin
VFX Producer: Cédric Negrel
VFX Coordinator: Ghalia Chammat
Shoot supervision: Franck Lambertz, Jean-Christophe Olivier
VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz, Olivier Jarry
Matte Painting: Benjamin Bardou, Sergey Likharyev
FX: Felix Guglielmi
Lighting: Valentin LeSueur
Compositing: Arthur Sayanoff
Generalist: Paul Goubet, Guillaume Hupe
Concept: Nathan Lucas
Flame: Franck Lambertz, Sebastien Kremer
Motion: Olivier Jarry, Yohann Leroy, Jean Christophe Olivier, Agathe Sayegh, Max Loriot, Jean-Yves Parent -Julien Pinot
Colourist: Sébastien Mingam, Nicolas Guibert
Colourist assistant: Loic Lavaux
Editor: Sébastien/ Motion Palace, Chloé Charrier, Cécile Crilout

Agency : BeGood
Production : LaPac
Director : Siraroj Konsakui