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Endling - Extinction is Forever

Passion Paris Production

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Developed by Herobeat Studios, Endling explores what life is like for a vixen and her cubs on an Earth left in post-apocalyptic chaos.The very unique artistic direction of this independent game was an instant hit with Joël who was able to naturally transpose his poetic universe through the film’s concept. As an impressive storyteller, Joël was able to infuse suspense and tension to the trailer, qualities which are inherent to Endling.

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Animators: Guillaume Pochez & Grégoire de BernouisClean-Up
Artists: Guillaume Pochez, Grégoire de Bernouis, Rosalie Perrot, Chhay-Tek Ung, Zoe Partouche-Pluchon
Layout Posing Artist: Andreï Sitari
Color Artists: Rosalie Perrot, Chhay-Tek Ung, Zoe Partouche-Pluchon
3D Animator: Mohamad Houhou
FX Animator: Oscar Cotte
Director: Joël Durand
Color Script: Justine Thibault
Concept Art: Sixtine Dano
Storyboard: Joël Durand
Background Artists: Justine Thibault& Raphaël El Khaddar
Compositing: Marc Muthuon

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