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Mixed Reality

La Pedrera Magical Vision


La Pedrera Magical Vision is a Mixed Reality tour in La Pedrera, one of Gaudi’s most renowned buildings in Barcelona. This unique experience – the first of its kind in Spain – allows visitors to discover the architecture of the great Catalan genius through an innovative combination of holographic technology and reality.

Glassworks’ special projects division, Xavi’s Lab, developed the entire Mixed Reality experience: from concept design and script to software, coding and visual development. Spearheaded by Xavi Tribó, the team focused on creating a truly interactive experience for the user, encouraging interaction not only with the building and the holograms, but also with the other users.

Wearing the Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses, the visitor can explore a previously closed-off floor of the magnificent 1910s building. The nonintrusive technology seamlessly integrates holograms with the actual physical space, ensuring that the monumental architecture remains the centre of attention. Additional features, such as the 3D audio developed in close collaboration with OIDO, tie the experience to the space even more, increasing interaction and turning the visitors into more than simple spectators.

Finding the right balance between the expressive storytelling and the Mixed Reality technology was essential for creating a unique connection between visitors and building. Some of the elements featured in this permanent exhibition include a holographic window showing the historical context, sound seemingly coming out from an old radio, and the animals that inspired Gaudi fluttering around the space.

La Pedrera Magical Vision can be enjoyed at La Pedrera-Casa Milà, so make sure you pass by the next time you are in Barcelona!


VFX crew Animators
Technological Direction: Xavi Tribó
Artistic and Creative Direction: Alice Labourel
Production: Clara Titos
Software Development Direction: Joan Guillem Castell
IT and Engineering: Oriol Viñolas
Unity 3D Artist: Oriol Alaix
3D Artists: Gerard Foix, Eduardo Oliden
Motion Graphics: Nacho Naya
Script: Cris Broquetas
Sound Engineering: Oido

Other Crew
Client: Laie