Halloween Hero Render

Mixed Reality

Coca Cola Halloween



Last October on Halloween, Unbound and Coca-Cola transformed the University of Southern California into a spooky phygital treasure hunt. But this was no ordinary treasure-hunt. The Coca Cola Halloween Collection was the first ever commercial project to use Niantic’s Lightship VPS for Web to anchor virtual content to the real world with centimeter-level precision.

From October 25-27 2022, students at the University of Southern California could fill their digital wallets with treats from each of the five AR enabled vending machines. Students located the vending machines using the virtual map on the Coca-Cola Halloween Collection microsite and physically walked to each location. Once activated, students could see a futuristic digital twin of the vending machine in an AR Halloween metaverse. They could walk around and explore the machine which contained ‘real magic’.

To activate the machine students tapped on the hand scanner, which pumped a metallic goo down through the pipes of the machine. Inside, robotic arms were activated which spun and weaved a random Halloween prize. The machines delivered an array of real world and Web3.0 prizes, including AR masks, Coachella tickets, Coca Cola NFTs, Puma apparel and more delivered straight into user’s digital wallets. This campaign was the first commercial project to utilise Niantic’s VPS for Web, a platform developed by Niantic that leverages the capabilities of the 8th Wall WebAR framework. This groundbreaking browser-based system utilises a Visual Positioning System, VPS, to provide a bridge between the physical and digital worlds by anchoring WebAR content to specific geographic locations with an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision.


Erik Bernacch
iJon Evangelista
Benjamin Roach
Toby Burnside

David Loughnan
Josh Parisi
Ben Carr
Jimmie Friberg
Zan Savic
Nathan Trevarthen
Jingxuan Cao
Stephen Maccia
Kollwitz Owen
Leah Yeung