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AEAF Awards now includes a new category, Feature Film Sequence, for animation or VFX work limited to a small number of sequences within movies, TV series and other productions.

NEW CATEGORY at AEAF 2020 - Feature Film Sequence

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In 2020, a new category has been added to AEAF Awards – Feature Film Sequence – representing animation or visual effects work created for feature films, television series and other productions that are limited to one or a small number of sequences. This category allows teams that have focussed on, for example, a single environment, effect or creature/character, or the effects occurring in an isolated portion or portions of the project, to compete on equal footing. See the AEAF 2020 Entry Form.

Previously, those teams have entered their work alongside teams that completed all or a large portion of the work in a project. If you have questions about categories and your team’s work, please contact Sean Young at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..