TV Series

Resident Evil - Episode 108 - Revelations


In the final eighth episode of 'Resident Evil' with Umbrella forces closing in, Jade encourages the use of a monstrous weapon. Teenage Jade enlists Simon on a fateful mission into Umbrella's HQ to free her sister, Billie.
Comprised 303 visual effects shots ranging from CG creatures, Zero (infected) Crowd sims, hard surface Drones, 3D/2.5D set extensions, ground and ocean simulations, 2D muzzle flashes, shell casing ejections, and copious amounts of practical and CG-simulated gore. The highlight is the CG 100ft long mutated saltwater crocodile as it is finally released by Jade, only to make landfall and wreak utter destruction on the umbrella camp.


ILP CG Supervisor -Stefan Andersson
ILP FX Supervisor - Hugo Medda
ILP Creature TD - Pétur Arnórsson

RodeoFX Animation Supervisor - Bernd Angerer
RodeoFX CG Supervisor - Loic Beguel

MPC CG Supervisor - Eric Robinson
MPC CG Supervisor - Sanjaya Baliga

Digital Frontier CG Supervisor - Ross Macaluso
Digital Frontier Crowd Sims - Matt Gorball
Digital Frontier Crowd Sims - Marco Sarandi
Digital Frontier Crowd Sims - Juan Carlos Leon

VFX Supervisor - Kevin Lingenfelser
VFX Producer - Casey Conroy
ILP VFX Supervisor - Nicolas Hernandez
RodeoFX VFX Supervisor - Sébastien Francoeur
MPC VFX Supervisor - David Jones
Digital Frontier VFX Supervisor - Chad Finnerty