Still e218

TV series - Children

100% Wolf: Book of Hath

Flying Bark Productions

For Freddy and his ex-friends, werewolves integrating into normal human life has not worked out, but this fluffy pink were-poodle proves he is 100% Wolf when weird animals appear and a potent sorceress threatens his very existence.

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VFX crew Animators
Series Director - Jacquie Trowell
Episodic Director - Les Turner
VFX Supervisor - Anders Thönell / Jay Shadlow
CG Supervisor - Nicholas Chong
Animation Director - Matt Diks / Helen Bucknall
Animation Studios - Mighty Animation / Anima Vitae Point

Other Crew
Producers - Barbara Stephen, Alexia Gates-Foale, Tracy Lenon Line Producers - Caroline Grubb, Isla Curtis
Co Producer - Francesca Hope
Script Producers - Fin Edquist, Tess Meyer
Editor - Antony Webb, SImon Klaebe
Head of Story - Tanya Bystrova
Art Director - Shane DeVries
Layout Supervisor - Hamish Lawler
Lighting Lead - Vishal Sanghani

Music & Sound - Envelope Post Production - Siamese