Titles/Openers - TV

The Staircase by HBO Max - Main Title Sequence



How did Kathleen Peterson die? Over twenty years later, this question still fascinates the public. A story with so many ambiguities and angles, all open to interpretation. This story inspired an intriguing drama series that eschews true-crime tropes in favor of internal narratives and character building. And it sets the table for our equally creative, genre-neutral title sequence. Sarofsky Corp produced the opening sequence for the TV series.


Executive Creative Director Erin Sarofsky Executive Producer Steven Anderson Creative Director Stefan Draht
Producer Dylan Ptak Editor Tom Pastorelle Finishing Cory Davis 3D Animation
• Nik Braatz
• Andrea Braga
• Oskar Fülöp
• Dean Ripper
• Jake Thomas
• Tanner Wickware Typographer Cat McCarthy
Concept Development Andrea Braga, Stefan Draht, Cat McCarthy Storyboard Artist Tricia Kleinot
Client Credits
Studio HBO Max
Director Antonio Campos
Show Runners Antonio Campos, Maggie Cohn Producer Christina M. Fitzgerald