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Peacemaker by HBO Max



James Gunn and HBO Max enlisted our typography expertise in this much anticipated “The Suicide Squad” spin-off — “Peacemaker”. We are in love with the style, the characters and the instantly-stuck-in-your-ear track by Wig Wam that are the backbone of a fun, dynamic, quirky dance sequence. Our typography and main title treatment complemented the badass aesthetic of the sequence and take it to the next level!


Executive Creative Director Erin Sarofsky Executive Producer Steven Anderson Creative Lead Duarte Elvas
Duarte Elvas Chris Rodriguez
Producer Dylan Ptak

Client HBO Max
Series Writer / Director James Gunn Editor Fred Raskin
Choreographer Charissa Barton
Production Designer Lisa Soper Producers
Simon Hatt Peter Safran
HBO Producers
Bryan Caroll Vicki Wagner Post Supervisor Josh Doughty