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The Callisto Protocol 3D Billboards

Rodeo FX


The launch of the video game The Callisto Protocol has been long-awaited. We partnered with Sid Lee to complete an impressive campaign promoting the game. Together, we created a horrifying trailer, but wanted to elevate it to a more realistic level - we created 3D billboards which were displayed at Times Square in New York City, and on Piccadilly Circus, in London.The concept was to showcase the original 90 second trailer followed by a 3D animation to surprise passers-by in both locations. The animation, which is based on specific elements of the video game, starts with a big explosion of the Jupiter moon, and zombies slowly creeping into frame.

The dimensions and angles of the screens created an illusion which gave the impression of one zombie jumping “out” of the video and onto the street.Some challenging aspects of this project included working with screens that had very different sizes/overall dimensions, as well as working within a strict timeline to complete the project. There were many elements on the screens at the same time, however the perspectives varied from Times Square to Picaddilly. In order to ensure that the concept and effects were working properly across the world, our team based at HQ in Montreal, used a VR set up to check in on the project.We are very proud of the work done by our teams and we are very honoured to have had the opportunity to demonstrate our skills on some of the biggest 3D screens in the world.


Yvon Jardel, Alper Tansel, Antoine Thiaucourt, Ivan Cadena, Yan Morin-Dubuisson

Patrick Beauchamp, Émilie Debiasi, Louis Paré , Raul Baeza, Nicolas Dube-Pauzé, Florence Durante, Jean-Sebastien Guillemette, Mathias Royrvik, Alexandre Durocher, Etienne Poulin St-Lauren, Erik Gagnon, Pierre-Hugues Vacon.