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It was a thrill to be awarded the task of designing and animating the rebranded FilmVic identity - Vicscreen.Vicscreen, or FilmVic as it was affectionately known here in Victoria for decades, is THE state industry body supporting and promoting motion image creators as well as bringing production to Victoria. We were invited to pitch by Studio Brave, taking their Vicscreen branding design and give it three dimensional form, then activate it with light to produce a truly sophisticated, intriguing, and compelling branding animation and mixed with an original soundscape produced by the talented folk at Squeak E. Clean.We worked through a process of design and concept exploration to land on the right final that played with the idea of reflective and refractive surfaces playing with coloured light.


Senior Producer: Sigi Eimutis
Creative Director: Patrick Da Cunha
Motion Designer: Drewe Clarke

Client: Vicscreen
Agency: Studio Brave
Sound: Squeak E. Clean