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Moonpig Gifting Advert 2022


Brace yourself for the ultimate piggy cuteness! Moonpig’s hero mascot is back, and Glassworks has had the immense pleasure of bringing him to life. Working across our London and Amsterdam studios, our creative team fully developed these 30 seconds of cuteness overload in collaboration with agency Creature London.

Building upon an established character, our animators focused on getting the personality and movements of the adorable piglet right. The 3D rigging had to enable a wide range of emotions so the piglet could react accordingly to each different situation, as was specified by the gift-making brand.
To ensure a very efficient working process where the client could provide a lot of initial input, our team first developed an extremely detailed storyboard and animatic. The camera movement, for example, was already tested and fixed at this preliminary hand-drawn stage. After, our 3D artists built it up and determined the suitable lighting for the all-pink 360 scenario, delivering the final high-quality rendering. Jonny Thorpe’s smooth colour grade then provided the last touch, rounding up the perfect look for this single long take animation.


Animation Director & 2D Animation: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez
Storyboards & 2D Animation: Lewis Barr & Lina Ozolina
Lead 3D Animation & 3D Supervision: Alastair Hearsum
3D Animation: Daniel Hope & Richenda Wheeler
3D Lookdev / Lighting: Davide Uccellani
3D Rigging & Modelling: Dan Lane
3D Modelling: David Head
3D Simulation: Georgios Papaioannou
Flame: Grant McKean & Ally Burnett
Colourist: Jonny Thorpe
Executive Producer: Tasha Laranjo
Producer: Andrew Patrick

Other Crew
AGENCY: Creature London