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Venue and Schedule Details:

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Venue and Schedule Details

Speaker program and AEAF Awards Screening,
10am - 5:30 16 August

AEAF Awards
Drinks Reception 6pm 16 August
AEAF Awards Screening 7:30 - 9pm
After Awards drinks and networking

Early Bird price with discounts for multiple bookings

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AEAF Awards Screening ONLY -  with discounts for multiple bookings
inc gst

For enquiries or special requests including group discounts - please call or email us.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel 02 9332 2822

Chauvel Cinema 249 Oxford St Paddington 2021


Feature Film Animation
GOLD  Paddington – Framestore
SILVER  Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb – Method Studios
BRONZE  SpongeBob Square Pants: Sponge Out of Water - Iloura
Maya the Bee Movie  - Flying Bark Productions
Night at the Museum: The Secret Tomb  - Method Studios
Dinosaur Island  - Extinct Productions

Commercials VFX
GOLD  John Lewis - Monty's Christmas - MPC
SILVER  Disney Playmation – The Embassy
BRONZE  Call of Duty: Discover Your Power, Advanced Warfare – MPC
Special Merit   Spark NZ - Never Stop Starting – Alt.vfx
Special Merit   Standard Bank  - A Moment In Time – Black Ginger
Special Merit   Xbox Forza - Leave Your Limits - MPC
Dell Beat Again - Framestore    
Qualcomm Snapdragon Bullet Train - Framestore    
PlayStation 4, Infamous -  Second Son - MPC NY    
Game of War Decisions  - Method Studios    
Clipsal 500 - Resin    
Royal Flying Doctor Service  - Resin   
Snickers  - House of Flying Bean  - Framestore    
EkoCycle - Saddington Baynes    
Pepsi Nex Momotaro Episode Two  - Alt.vfx   
Airforce  - Alt.vfx   
Mazda Brand  - BlackGinger    
80 HOURS  - Fox Sports
Ikea - Beds  - MPC   
Concave - Game Evolved  - Method Studios     
Farmers Union Iced Coffee - Armageddon  - Method Studios     
Disney Playmation  - The Embassy    
Queensland Get Ready  - Cutting Edge
Jemena -Turn it on - Heckler

Commercials Animation
GOLD  Shell - Shapeshifter - Framestore
SILVER  Mercedes-Benz - Fable – MPC
BRONZE  Kleenex Cottonelle - Heart of Borneo – Method Studios
Special Merit   Coca-Cola - Man and Dog – Psyop
Special Merit   IKEA – T-Shirts – MPC
Special Merit   Triumph - Nightshift
Special Merit   Samsung Galaxy 11: The Match Parts 1+2 - Psyop
Zoos Victoria TVC- Jumbla
John Lewis, Monty's Christmas - MPC
First  Direct - Little Frill  - MPC
Welcome to Airbnb  - Cirkus
Star Alliance - The Way  - Mirari&Co.
Niemetz Schwedenbomben  - Aixsponza
AEG Made of Power  - Visual Playground
Heroes of the Sky  - Visual Playground
Freesat 'Sheldon'  - Framestore
Dream Run - Alt.vfx
Unlocked Window  - Alt.vfx
Alexia -  Farm to Flavour  - Saddington Baynes
Discovery Life Penguin  - BlackGinger
Spotlight on Alfred Hitchcock - Foxtel
National Maritime Museum, Voyage to the Deep  - Hackett Films
Genius Gluten Free: Hedgehog, Robin, Duck  - Passion Pictures
Tourism Events Queensland Migration  - Cutting Edge
GTES - Symbols  - Yes Captain
Lego - Plastic Wax
Hyundai Grandeur DC Heroes - Plastic Wax
Ladybird Behind The Scenes - FSM
QBE Motor Insurance  - Mighty Nice
AMP 2014 - Collider

Live Event VFX & Animation
GOLD  Vivid 2015 Custom House - Enchanted Sydney – Spinifex Group
SILVER  Vivid 2015 MCA - Mechanised Colour Assemblage – Danny Rose
BRONZE  Dubai 2020 - Milan Expo – The Pulse
Special Merit  The Nautilus & the Sea – Ample Projects
Their Sacrifice - Taste Creative
Merry Go Round  - Ample Projects
Tpajukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, 360 Theater Experience  - Dusk
Gold Lotto City Hall Light Spectacular 2014  - The Electric Canvas
Marketing Rockstars Festival - Show Opener  - Mindconsole
24th Mens Handball World Championships  - The Pulse
Glasgow Hype  - The Pulse
AFL LED Fan Engagement  - Yes Captain
Affinity - S1T2
TedX 2015  - White Chocolate
Vox Lumen - Deakin Motion Lab

Game Cinematics
GOLD  Microsoft Xbox - ReCore - Psyop
SILVER  Dirty Bomb - Plastic Wax
BRONZE  Xbox Jump Ahead – Blind
Special Merit  Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Campaign Opening – Plastic Wax
Animal Dash - Candy Burger
Clash of Clans - Clan Wars - Psyop

Music Video
GOLD  Elliot The Bull - Colourblind - Oh Yeah Wow
SILVER  Bjork – Lionsong - Framestore
BRONZE  Flume - Some Minds - Collider
Madonna, Ghosttown  - MPC NY
Gigglepaws  - Giggle and Hoot -ZSPACE
Velvet Sky - Braymations
Optamus Go  - Motionlab

Education & Infographics
SILVER  Mazda Safety Video – Visual Playground
BRONZE  EPA Air Pollution – The Magnificent Itch
Special Merit  Mental Health Children & Young People - Dylan’s Story - Hackett Films
CelMobile  - Infografia/Captiv8
Cell Care  - Resolution Media
Sochi Olympics - Freestyle Skiing - Infobytes Studios
Monster in the Closet - Hornet
DonRiver - Motionlab
HotelClub - Motionlab
5 Powerful Ways - The Explainers
Meat/Culture - Simple Process, Simple Product - Derek Lau Design
Parramatta Light Rail - Media Farm
Gallipoli the first day - ABC and Department of Veterans Affairs
Screen Producers Australia - Who We Are: About Us & Our Industry  - Sticky Pictures

Web Viral
GOLD  Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Video – Rotor Studios
SILVER  BMW M4 - Ultimate Racetrack – The Embassy
BRONZE  Durex - Mr Purple - Goodman Brothers Productions   
Twisties - Caveman - MFX SDN BHD   
Mike’s Hard Lemonade  - Sarofsky    
Scenic Tours Rebrand  - The Magnificent Itch    
Port Stephens  - The Magnificent Itch    
Coast 2 Coast II - Motionlab   
Vic Government  - Free Wifi - Yes Captain

TV Series

GOLD  Ripper Street Season 3 – Screen Scene
SILVER  Fortitude – Blue-Bolt
BRONZE  Australia: The Story of Us - Essential Media & Entertainment
Tashi - Flying Bark Productions
The Flamin' Thongs - MWP-RDB Thongs
Nowhere Boys - Series 2 - Surreal World

GOLD  Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose - Method Studios
SILVER  Symphony No. 42 – Reka Bucsi
BRONZE  Old/New – Red Giant
Special Merit  Sunny and Steve - MPC NY
Jack of All Trades: The Butcher  - Cirkus Productions
StATIC  - Adam Kiriloff
Reef Reels  - Keeper and the Hounds
Reflections  - Keeper and the Hounds
The Story of Percival Pilts  - Finickity Pictures
Spaceman  - Candy Burger
KFC Poem  - Eye Candy Animation

GOLD  Pause Fest Motion response - Imagine - Visual Playground
SILVER  ABC Studio 3 Idents – Hackett Films
BRONZE  CCTV 10 China - Lotus – Zspace
Special Merit   Shipwreck – Saddington Baynes
StarHub Network 2015 CNY Ident - Mirari&Co.
Type Writer - Saddington Baynes
Imagine: A Pause Fest Motion response - Visual Playground
Dragonfly - ZSPACE
Lotus - ZSPACE
Charlie Chaplin Teaser - Foxtel
TVHITS Summer Ident 2014/15 - Melt - Foxtel
ABC Studio 3 Idents - Hackett Films
Mr CC - 100% Closed Captioning - Cycho - Film & Animation
Eurovision Promo - DD8
Shipwreck - Saddington Baynes
Raw Challenge - Motionlab

GOLD  Mythbusters – The Explainers
SILVER  The Divide – Sarofsky
BRONZE  Clipsal 500 – Fox Sports
It Happened on the Same Day - qatar tv
Lateline - Engine
ABC News / Australia Wide - Engine
Reno Rumble - DD8
The Code - Marcelle Lunam
The Memorial- Beyond the ANZAC Legend - Visual Playground
Mardi Gras - SBS
TEN Network F1 Opener - ZSPACE
SKY RACING Hot Shots Opener - ZSPACE
TEN Network Big Bash Opener - ZSPACE
A League - Fox Sports
Fox Fans League - Fox Sports
The Helli Challenge - Fox Sports
FFA Cup - Fox Sports
Mangarook Footy Show - Yes Captain
The Real Housewives of Melbourne - Season 2 - Yes Captain

Titles - Feature Film
GOLD  Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Sarofsky
SILVER  Guardians of the Galaxy - Sarofsky
BRONZE  The Little Death - Substance Co

GOLD  Taking the Plunge - Elizabeth Ku, Nick Manfredi, Thaddaeus Andreades, Marie Raoult
SILVER  A Bloomy Halloween - Ralitsa Panichkova
BRONZE  Lovebites - Aaron Bautista
Nostalgia  - Nick Constandy, School of Visual Arts NYC
Zoe  - Chihyun Lee, School of Visual Arts NYC
The Witch's Butler  - Vann Law
Kid Aquarius  - Damon Taylor
Pilgrim  - Aleksandar Trofin
Operation Downfall  - Jake Dobbie
Slow Hour  - Ben William Lines, Luke McNiven, Andrew Mulligan JMC Academy